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WBP’s property advisers represent you, the buyer, in negotiations with a vendor and their advisers. We assist you throughout the buying process - from devising an approach matched to your investment strategy, to property search, purchasing and appointing a property manager. To request a cost and obligation free consultaton to review our procecss in the context of your own circumstances, click here

Your WBP adviser searches for and identifies properties that meet stringent investment criteria, selecting the one that best fits your budget and specific needs – all on your behalf.

Your WBP adviser analyses a property’s past growth performance as an indicator of future growth potential. Owners Corporation fees, rental potential and other factors are considered to ensure the property is a suitable investment for you.

With your budget in mind, your WBP adviser will bid at auction or negotiate a purchase on your behalf. WBP Property is underpinned by an established valuation business, which means we’re expert at assessing a property’s worth.


Your WBP adviser will assist in finding a tenant and the ongoing management of your property, if required. An annual review will also be conducted assessing property growth, rental return, and occupancy factors.


To find out more about how we can help you to buy a property that will meet your goals, speak with one of WBP's property advisers today. Call WBP on 1300 302 581, use our online valuation quote request form.

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Selling your property?

Find out how a WBP Seller's Adviser can help you or download the WBP Property Advisory Brochure.


Australia's favourite asset class.

Residential property is a popular asset class in Australia, but it is by no means a sure bet. It takes hundreds of thousand of dollars to buy a property and, for many, it is the single biggest purchase in a lifetime. Effective property selection can be the key to your financial future. But surprisingly, many Australians choose properties without fully investigating the market or the factors that drive performance.

What is an investment-grade property?

Not all residential properties perform the same. Less than 10% of properties outperform the market's growth in most conditions. When the market is accelerating, only a select few properties tend to lead the pack, and when it slows, their values tend to hold their ground. As the capital value grows over time, so does the owner's equity along with the rental dollar return these properties provide.

About WBP Property Advisory

WBP Property Advisory offers expert independent advice and a transparent personalised service. Our mission is to take the frustration, time and uncertainty out of purchasing a property for Australian investors and home buyers.

We are an independent professional service, not a sales force. We don't sell properties for developers or real estate agents, and we don't have financial ties with any of the properties we recommend. Each and every property we place before a client has been selected on the basis of its merits – and nothing else.

Nothing is left to chance. The advice our property advisers give is strategic, tailored to each client's needs and budget and designed to educate about the intricacies of the residential market and its movement over time.

Our strategic approach to the property market means we add significant value to the selection choices of buyers and sellers of Australian residential property. Call us to find out more about our services. 

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