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Icon---RenovateA flood of renovation and property makeover reality TV programs continue to dominate Australian television screens awakening the aspiring  'handyman' and ‘home improver’ in all of us. But, it’s imperative would-be renovators don’t underestimate the commitment required to transform a property in terms of cost, time and effort.

The WBP Renovator's Guide to Property will help you clarify your renovation needs and plan a renovation that not only suits you, but also future buyers or tenants.

The Renovator's Guide will teach you:

  • Reasons for renovating
  • Degrees of renovating
  • Renovation planning
  • Renovating to add value
  • The 'Golden Rules' of renovating...and more.

To download The WBP Renovator's Guide to Property, please fill in your details in the form below for instant access. This will also give you access to WBP's Essential Property Guides: Selling, Buying and Investing.

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