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If you own or are looking to buy commercial property a WBP valuation can help you make an informed decision that could save you precious time and money. You may also require a valuation if you are in a legal dispute involving commercial property or for taxation, self-managed super and insurance purposes.

A valuer assesses the value of land, buildings, improvements and other factors that influence the current or past value of your property, a process that usually involves an external and internal inspection of the property. Valuers are independent with no vested interest in the properties they value.

WBP prepares valuation reports for all commercial property types including retail, office, industrial and specialised. A valuation report  is a professional and legal assessment of the value of your property prepared for many different purposes, including:

- Mortgage/refinancing
- Before-You-Sell: price/reserve setting
- Before-You-Buy: to ensure you buy good value
- Insurance replacement cost
- Divorce or business dissolution
- Capital gains tax calculations
- Stamp duty calculations when transferring property ownership
- Estate/probate proceedings
- Rental determination
- Portfolio reviews
- Current or retrospective market value

To discuss your requirements and receive obligation-free advice and quotes for our services, contact WBP today on 1300 302 581 or use our online valuation quote request form.

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