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"If you're buying, selling or renovating a residential property, a valuation can help you make informed decisions that will save you time and money." Greville Pabst - Chief Executive Officer, WBP Property


Request Residential Property Valuations Anywhere in Australia

When you decide to renovate, sell or purchase a residential property, you have an advantage if you know the property's value. A property valuation conducted by an independent valuer gives you the information you need to make decisions regarding that property.

WBP Property Group conducts residential property valuations to help save you money and time. We have valuers serving areas in every Australian state, including all capital cities and many other regions.

The Worth of a Residential Property Valuation

A valuation is a professional and legal assessment of the value of your property. During a valuation, a valuer performs an external and internal inspection of buildings, land, improvements and any other factors that influence property value.

From our offices throughout Australia, WBP conducts valuations for all residential property types including detached and semi-detached houses, town houses, units and apartments. Our valuers are independent. They can provide accurate assessments of residential property values because they don't have an investment in the property's worth.

You may need or benefit from a property valuation in many situations. WBP's valuers regularly conduct residential property valuations when involved parties need to:

  • Price a property before putting it up for sale
  • Gauge property value before buying or extending a purchase offer
  • Assess a property's current or retrospective market value
  • Appraise insurance replacement costs
  • Establish competitive rental values
  • Calculate capital gains taxes
  • Determine stamp duties when property ownership changes
  • Prepare for estate/probate proceedings
  • Review investment portfolio values
  • Evaluate property values before divorce or business dissolution

No matter your situation or location, the property specialists at WBP Property Group understand the local property market. They can discuss your requirements and complete a residential property valuation that will help you make informed decisions.

To receive an obligation-free quote, contact WBP today on 1300 302 581 or use our convenient valuation quote request form.

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