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How a property valuer can help you build and protect your wealth

A property valuation is a common requirement for property owners and buyers. It’s needed for many transactions including marriage settlements, rent reviews, and building units all require you to know the real value of your property and so it's possible that something like buying, leasing, or selling a property in the coming months will require you to get a property valuation.


  • Refinancing
  • Knowing the value or reserve setting before sell
  • Knowing the price of the property before you buy to ensure you’re paying a fair amount
  • Reviewing your portfolio if the property is an investment property
  • Calculating capital gains tax
  • Determining values for estate proceedings
  • Determining costs or value for rentals
  • Calculating insurance values and / or replacement cost
  • Property ownership transfers
  • Divorce or other dissolution
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  • Buying and selling property can be a difficulty and confusing proposition. At any given moment, you're being asked to consider a great number of variables, put them together, and decide whether the property you're looking at is worth investing in or not. This is challenging no matter how you decide to go about it, but without a property valuation it is far more difficult and the process is much more unreliable and risky. Consider this: do you want to make these investment decisions without knowing the accurate valuation of your property? It's possible to try and value your property yourself, but this is a risky proposition that is almost certainly going to result in an inaccurate property valuation no matter how careful you are.
  • If the property valuation is for a legal matter, such as property valuation required for taxation or insurance purposes, you're going to require the services of property valuers in order to have accurate, detailed, and up-to-date information ready to present to whatever governing body or board is taking care of your particular case. In this case, hiring the right property valuers becomes essential - the accuracy of the data can have long-term legal repercussions in these kinds of cases.